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Delta Extrax introduces Premium Fruit Punch Delta 8 THC Shot! This little guy packs a punch and leaves you with both cerebral focus and an ultimate body high. Perfect for on-the-go situations all wrapped up in a nice easy, convenient, fast way to get your delta 8 THC for whatever the day throws at you.

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Delta Effex sells a variety of delta-8 supplements, including its reputable gummies.

Delta Effex is one of the reputable companies of delta-8 brands producing quality products in the market today, with popular choices including the Rainbow Pack of gummies, D8 THC cartridges (like Blue Dream Berry), and delta-8 products with focused effects (like Chill, Balance, and Focus).

You can discover the perfect Delta Effex product for your specific requirements, whether you’re seeking relaxation, a full-body high, a state of creative productivity, or a balanced mood. The product has passed third-party lab testing.

Fruit Punch Premium Delta 8 THC Shot

Additional Product Information

  • Suggested use: Consume 1/2 bottle to establish individual tolerance. increase dose in increments to achieve desired effect.
  • Size: 30ml
  • Strength: 75mg of delta 8 THC per bottle
  • Ingredients: High fructose corn syrup, water, citric acid, gum arabic, natural and artificial flavors, FD&C Red No. 40, Ester Gum, Brominated soybean oil, BHA, Sodium Benzoate (Preservative), delta 8 THC.

**This Product Contains Less Than 0.3% THC Content**

Delta Extrax Original Collection

Our Original Collection features premium Delta 8 THC which was the original cannabinoid that started the popularity of Hemp-derived THC. In our Original Collection you will find different types of strains and methods of use. Although some products tend to be a little stronger than others, the best Delta 8 THC product comes down to your preference. Our Edibles in the Original Collection are among our best sellers and if you subscribe you will get a special discount.

What is Delta 8 THC?

Delta-8 THC is an isomer of CBD, is derived from hemp and CBD, and is a psychoactive cannabinoid that packs several benefits. The unique cannabinoid is different, chemically, from its close relative, Delta-9 THC. It only differs from a few atomic bonds. However, it occurs in small concentrations and is Hemp derived making it Hemp compliant because it contains less than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC as required under the 2018 Farm Bill.

Will Delta 8 THC get me high?

All of our Delta 8 THC is psychoactive, which means it has the ability to get you high. Therefore, we don’t recommend you operate heavy machinery as Delta 8 THC might impair your judgment. In addition, we strongly recommend not to consume Delta 8 THC while pregnant or breastfeeding. The onset effects of Delta 8 THC might be delayed for up to an hour to an hour and a half after using this tincture.

Is Delta 8 THC Potent?

Although Delta 8 THC is not as potent as Marijuana (Delta 9 THC) this doesn’t mean that it’s not potent. In fact, if you take too much Delta 8 THC at one time you might not enjoy the type of experience that it produces. Therefore, we recommend going off the suggested use that’s located on the back of the label of each product.


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