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I am a terrible sleeper. I’ve been taking the CBD (w/o melatonin or THC) gummies with great success. I can fall asleep much faster and stay asleep for longer periods. I still need to avoid caffeine for these to work but I can live with that. Thank you for your product!


I order all my CBD products from this guys after every 3 months.Keep doing the good job

Ellen Patel

Ordered Nasal Spray and it arrive UK with 48 hours..Will keep ordering from TopCart

Tawfiq Bashir Koury

3 kids, oldest with anxiety, middle with adhd, and the youngest gas trouble sleeping. These are awesome and help so much, especially with my adhd little one. I've also used them to get deeper sleep after a harder day at work. I subscribed with my first order but I'm going to have to up the subscription since we are all using these now!


I received my order today in Saudi Arabia after waiting for 5 days. Thanks

Abdul-Muhyi Abdul Salib

My son has been taking one in the morning to help with adhd and it’s helped so much 🙂 he’s more relaxed and able to focus better.

Matthew B.

i Love them. i use them every nite. they work great

ronald b.

My 3rd order just arrive New Zealand today

Gerald Kiosk

Penguin gummies just don't do the trick for me.

Cindy M.

Best Online store to buy THC vapes in California, I recommend them

Evans C.

Excellent!. My local store closed a few months ago and I’ve really missed their service and products. I was using another website since then but the shipping and response time was really lacking so I tried Top Cart Store. I am stuck here: the juice, the shipping…

Alain Walters

I'm from Jeddah Saudi Arabia and i order all my Vape Juice from Top Cart Store. Always discreet shipping

Ali Kimbrough

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